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Land 5x More Jobs With Live Phone Leads

Your business needs a steady stream of leads to stay competitive. Live phone leads are five to ten times more responsive than form/email leads. Get your own private stream of phone leads directly to your work phone or sales department.
  • Live Incoming Phone Calls
  • No Commitment Pay As You Go

  • 100% Quality Filtered Calls
  • All Calls are Recorded

  • Stop Receiving Leads at Anytime

  • Never Resold to Other Contractors

  • No Start Up Fees or Annual Fees

You’ve Bought Leads Before, We’re Different.

A message from Home Service Leads Pro founder, Steven Clark

Many service providers are stuck buying leads from greedy corporate marketing vendors. Stuck trying to close leads that are resold to 5 – 10 other contractors! Does this sound familiar?

In my experience working one-on-one with home service professionals, no online strategy is easier, safer, and more profitable for business owners than buying live, incoming exclusive phone leads.

Unlike other lead sellers, my company provides live incoming phone calls sent directly to your work phone or sales team. We track & monitor every single phone call that we send for total quality control.

No more hunting down a cold email lead. No more compromising the prices of your services to win over new customers. You’ll be interacting directly with the red-hot targeted leads we send your way.

I’ve used my experience in digital marketing to eliminate the advertising risk on your end. Our CPL (cost-per-lead) is typically HALF of what you’d be paying with Google and other marketing methods.

Sign up to become a partner using the button above and we can set up your own private stream of business leads that will land you new customers each and every week.

Steven Clark
Founder, Home Service Leads Pro

100% Iron-Clad Quality Guarantee.

We stand by our work. If you’re not satisfied with a lead you receive, simply contact us and we’ll make it right.


You may visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevenmercadoclark which is my LinkedIn profile of 60+ testimonials from business owners and industry peers. Feel free to add me as a contact. Statistics show that over 66% of Internet marketers testimonials are simply just made up or fabricated. Here is just what a few are saying about my work!

It’s Time to Make the Switch.

  • Stop fighting with other contractors for the same lead. Our leads are 5 – 10x more responsive than the other guys because they’re never resold.

  • Your business is advertised on our dime. That’s right, we spend our own marketing budget to advertise on platforms like Google, Facebook, and other online destinations.

  • Leads generated from our marketing efforts are instantly forwarded to your work phone in real time.

  • We track & record every phone lead we send your way and provide full access to the calls to you can listen too.

  • All the marketing risk is on us. All we need from you is to answer the phone!

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About Home Service Leads Pro

We’re an independently owned marketing company based out of Vancouver, Washington. We work 1-on-1 with home service providers to create a customized lead generation plan that suits your business and budget. No annual fees. No hidden fees. No monthly fees. No nonsense. If you have any additional questions about the services we provide or our business, feel free to reach out directly: [email protected]

Who Do We Work With?

If you’re a contractor or home service provider, we would love to speak to you personally about getting incredible results for your business. We only send local customers that are searching for the services you have to offer and are in your service area. Here are just a few of the businesses we’ve worked with in the past.

  • Roofers

  • Pressure Washers

  • HVAC Contractors

  • Appliance Repair

  • Pest Control

  • Home Contractors

  • Flooring

  • Plumbers

  • Electricians

  • Water Damage Restoration

  • Window Replacement

  • Solar

  • Landscapers

  • Garage Door Repair

What is Considered a Lead?

We take quality control extremely seriously. It’s the core of our business. It’s what sets us apart from our competitors. We’ve created an extremely strict criteria that must be met for a lead to be considered billable.

Leads MUST meet the following criteria:

  • Phone calls inquiring about a service you offer

  • Must be within your general service area

  • Phone call lasts over 35 seconds in length (or have buying intent)

  • Voicemails left inquiring about your services during closed hours (voicemails must meet criteria one and two)

What we DO NOT bill for:

  • Spam calls, telemarketers, sales calls

  • Anyone outside your service area

  • Anyone inquiring about a service you do NOT offer

  • Any calls under 30 seconds in length

  • Missed calls (excluding qualified voicemails)

  • Any other call we deem ‘not qualified’

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7 Commonly Asked Questions.

Our leads are unique. Unlike other lead generation companies, our leads go to your business directly. We don’t sell the same lead to other contractors in your area. This leads to a 5 – 10x higher closing rate. In other words – you’ll be landing more jobs without lowering the cost of your services. Here are just a few reasons why we’re the smart choice for contractors:

  • Land more high paying jobs
  • Zero complicated ad buying and advertising
  • Zero up-front cost
  • Only pay for highly-qualified phone calls
  • The marketing risk is 100% on us
We never resell our leads. It’s what sets us apart from the competition. You’ll be interacting with the customer directly over the phone. In fact, you’ll be receiving incoming calls directly to your work phone or sales department. You don’t need to waste your time trying to hunt them down. You’re only billed when they stay on the phone and inquire about your services. It’s not possible for them to go to another contractor.
Every phone lead that we send you will be recorded. Our associates will manually listen to every single phone call that we send to your business and invoice accordingly. You will also have access to our recordings for further confirmation.

Our leads are generated from highly-targeted Google and Facebook ads as well as other online advertising platforms. For contractors requesting a high volume of leads, we also build out local websites, create YouTube videos and additional media for the sole purpose of driving leads directly to your business.

Our phone call tracking technology allows us to record, track, and forward all phone calls we receive directly to your business in real time. We filter out all the tire-kickers and telemarketers. Any lead we generate is done in-house. We never buy leads from affiliates, other contractors, or other third-party sources. Home Service Leads Pro does not use telemarketing to generate leads. Our marketing efforts are done behind the scenes. All leads we generate is with our own marketing budget. We only deliver phone calls to your business.

Price per lead is based on your unique market, competition, the services you provide, and your marketing budget. Our price per lead is generally HALF of what you’d be paying with Google and other marketing platforms. Apply for our services to get a price per lead.
We invoice on a weekly basis. Your first invoice will be after you receive your first 1 – 3 leads.
Please visit Steven Clark’s LinkedIn page for 60+ verified written testimonials

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